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by The Ellen Degenerates

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Match 01:13
I can't stand it Everything you fucking do Look at you now Disappointing, sad but true How'd I put up With your shit everyday Never really Needed you anyways Wanna burn this bridge? Here's a fucking match We're sick of your shit Your chances have run out Mooch off all your friends Go behind our backs You wanna burn this bridge? Here's a fucking match Tell sob stories But you're not foolin' me Won't go far with the company that you keep You're a sorry broken record nothing more You are not my fucking problem anymore
Scumbag 01:39
Should have been aborted You're a waste of fucking space I don't wanna be here just fucking go away The reason women don't come out to shows 'Cause assholes like you, and your fucking bros Scumbag Should have been aborted You're a waste of fucking space I don't wanna be here just fucking go away
You give it your money, you don't get shit You're being ripped off, you throw a fit Sweet and savory, it's what I crave You react, with a violent act Corporate death machine It's in control Do what you're told It's in control It takes your payday React against the machine It pushes back and kills you clean Well I say it's time we rise up Against this automated regime And kill this fucking machine Reach inside, get what you paid for Behind the glass cage, get now what you fucking craved Reach inside, get what you desired Obtain what you're owed, get your oreos
Alright! I'm a young republican My name is Chad Being a conservative Is the new punk rock I have the intelligence Of some dumb jock Step inside my wardrobe It's MAGA hats and ironed plaid Even through the president is supported by the clan Young Republican oh yeah.. My ego grows bigger with the height of my truck And if you ask me about the poor? I don't give a fuck I blame my own generation for things my parents caused White privilege is something I don't understand My political stance is a cockblocker Young republican My name is... what's my name again?.. oh yeah.. Chad
Degenerate 01:47
I was a teenage gimp Suburban filler, hopeless kid Didn't keep up, fell out of line They call me a waste of time What was I supposed to do? End up a clone just like you? Chasing what my parents dreamed A cookie cutter life to me I'll accomplish things in my own way Won't listen to a word you say I know what is best for me Fuck your future leave me be I don't care what you think Hot-box your house then skate your streets No future and I know it Live my life as a degenerate Degenerate Can't get out of my head Most days I wish I was dead But I'll keep going without you Just like I always do Didn’t need you all along Just fuck off and move along Don’t have time for peoples shit I’ve only got one life to live Cant live in society's monotony That shit is fucking mundane I need to get the fuck away From everybody's bullshit Leave me alone I wanna live life my way I was put on earth to disobey You better believe when I say I'm a god damn degenerate Degenerate
Big Brother 02:06
Running out of time Privacy is a crime They watch us day-to-day No one can escape Nowhere left is safe Beginning of the end So watch what you say Big brother is listening in So keep yourself in line They watch you all the time Hail red white and blue Or they're after you Nowhere left is safe Beginning of the end So watch what you say Big brother is listening in
False Flag 01:45
Tight grip on the public eye our fear will be their gain You watch the news, you will comply, remorse on who was slain It's nothing new History shows too Chaos, at last Over what they mask Desperate move Of which they approve Body bag For it's a false flag It always ends with self infliction I’m starting to think that it’s all fiction Focus on the talking head You “great again” American mass Deception from many more dead, You can shove it up your bigot ass Government proof Is far from the truth Stay inside Don't realize they lied Tragedy Commercial free, all day Look away For its a false flag It's all fake
Belligerence 01:42
It's time to drink No time to think Blackout on the brink Drinking booze and spewing ooze My god what stinks? It's feces Age of ignorance Age of belligerence Shotgun tallboys Livers destroyed Alcohol fills the void So crack a cold one with the boys Piss in the street Shit in the sink Puke on a cop Punch a kid Time to get ignorant Are you ready to get belligerent? Belligerence DRINK
-Asphyxiation Via Press They’re left behind to suffocate by imprinting towers Their lungs are riddled with my dense cloud of deaths desire And paid for by the hour Flattened corpses in the mix A turning metal crucifix It leaves your limbs a bloody mess Asphyxiation via press With no warning at all They crawl inside to slowly rot alone and pay their dues Sacrifice my will so that the public may obtain its news Mangled bodies split in twos! Chemical burns, skin cracked and dried Bathed in ink and mummified Your time has come, its nevertheless You're another victim of the press ----------------------------------------- -Limp Despite of the emotional state, in which you bounce through Wrap the world around your little finger ‘cause it’s easy to Easy to be tempting, alluring, assuring Those manipulated look at you like Hermann Görring I know what you’re thinking, "that was an easy one"- your thoughts are so predictable we’re placing bets and having fun. And I am all in, because I know you well Enough to get you won’t admit this life of yours is living hell Get the fuck up off your- This is why, this is how, shitty pity party meee Simply sane to complain on how you worked, get merked Be a problem never solve em’ bitch and moan and fucking flee Irk the nerves of every living being where you once lurked jerked around, passed about, choking on a bad blunt Understanding your perception kills the frontal lobe Leech for money, sex and coffee, start a poachers hand-out hunt And pry on every sucker from the darkest corners of the globe. If you got a pair of eyes then surely you too will despise this quote-un-quote so-called prize Hands that feed now fists of hate And you’re the prime example of two trash cans who can procreate Condescending, you really like that word Ironic how your logic is the dumbest shit I've ever heard Keep that steady pace away from me as I present the bird Faulty smiles, errors, trials, everything here is absurd Dance around the broken eggs for tolerance is fucking low Promises, apologies, a class act for your fucking show I can go forever what I listed isn’t very much So here’s my last word of advice it’s get the fuck up off your crutch
Skate 01:23
Alarm didn’t ring (need to skate) Cut myself shaving (need to skate) Girlfriend complaining (need to skate) Better not rain (need to skate) I need to skate On my board I am free You better not take that away from me Ran outta gas (need to skate) Accounts overdrawn (need to skate) I’m late for work (need to skate) My boss is a jerk (need to skate) I need to skate On my board I am free You can’t take that away from me Gotta hit the concrete before I lose my shit Sitting at work isn't isn’t cutting it Don’t hog the bowl cause I don’t care You fucking scooter kids beware Alarm didn’t ring (need to skate) Cut myself shaving (need to skate) Girlfriend complaining (need to skate) Better not rain (need to skate) I need to fucking skate
Alarm Clock 02:22
Alarm clock No I don’t wanna start my day Cause that shit won’t go away Hit the snooze again, and again Well I guess this day will begin I’m tired of working that dead-end job I'm tired of working for that fucking slob Now all I wanna do is: ROB ROB ROB Just stick me on a skewer: SHISHKABAB I’m tired of working hard like the rest These lazy motherfuckers are viewed as “the best”? All of my patience is put to the test 'Cause all I can hear is that alarm clock. Alarm Clock No I don’t wanna get up. Where’s my goddamn water cup? On the clock Just standing in one spot Off the clock In a Celica smoking pot I’m tired of that obnoxious prick You're crashing cars? you make me sick Can’t get a clue cause your skull is too thick Take my tips and hit up Rick Fuck you all and fuck this place I quit, I’m done, get out of my face Now all the lawyers are on the case Cause I killed you all with an alarm clock


released December 21, 2018

Written and performed by The Ellen Degenerates
Recorded at Civil Audio in Denton, TX
Produced by Michael Briggs


all rights reserved



The Ellen Degenerates Fort Worth, Texas

The Ellen Degenerates are
Ray Wood-bass/vox/theremin
Damon Henderson-guitar/box
Tim McAnally-guitar/box
Will Colley-drums/belch

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